Saw Bowl I

Someone wrecked a circular saw blade at the hackerspace. I grabbed it before it was thrown out, thinking that something cool could be done with it. After laying in my box for a few years, I got the inspiration for this.

The finished bowl. Coated in beeswax, mounted on plexiglass foot in order to stabilize it, and raise it slightly to make it stand out.

I of course forgot to take the before photo of the saw blade, but it is very similar to this one the internets kindly provided.

Starting with an old saw blade. High carbon tool steel. Forging this is a challenge, as the steel needs to anneal first. If it is forged too cold or too hard it is likely to crack, even shatter. A bit too much IR for the camera to focus properly, realised too late.

Side view. Getting the bowl symmetrical is hard, since I am using a ball anvil, rather than a swage block.

Top view. Choice made for a patchy polish, parts are shined to high-gloss, parts still retail the fire scale. Because it is tool steel, polishing is a nightmare.

Another view.

The bottom. I decided that the bowl will not e very useful with a big hole in it, so decided to figure something out for it.

The bottom with a lasercut the acrylic base, attached with polymax.