Saw Bowl II

Someone wrecked another circular saw blade at the hackerspace. I grabbed it before it was thrown out, and made a second bowl out of it. You can find the fist one here

The finished bowl.

Polished with a steel brush, teeth are sanded, the whole thing is coated in beeswax.

Preparation and pre-treatment

Starting out with the old sawblade, drawing out the sections that will help with the raising process.

The blade is made out of hardened high-carbon tool steel. It is HARD and quite brittle. Next to having to use a lot of force to forge it, there is a high chance it will break while being deformed. Before we can sensibly forge it, it must be annealed, by heating it above its curie temperature, and slowly cooling it. This removes the tamper, and makes the metal soft(er). Also, a glass bottle for some experimental slumping, because why not.

Yep, there we are...

Camera can still not focus properly due to lots and lots of IR radiation coming off the oven. Notice the scaled and grubby surface.

Some lovely macros of the surface after annealing.


The first heat, getting up to forging temperature the first time.

Fire, fire, fire !

In order to raise the bowl the classic way, I had manufactured a ball anvil.

The inner ring raised. We continue in concentric circles, untill the bowl is formed.

After two evenings of work, checking the shape and planning future shaping.

Evening 3 commencing.

It is becoming difficult to hold in the fire, so some support is added.

More sweet closeups of various things one finds in the coal ash. Cokes cooked out of coal, bits of molten metal and salt deposits.

Some action shots, day 4

Another check of the shape.

Getting there, but still not how I want it.

Day 6, getting ready for final shaping and finish.

Done with cleaning and sanding of the edges.

Thanks to Damnlie here is me on fire!