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dr. ir. Igor Nikolic

I'm an Associate Professor at the Systems Engineering group of the Multi-Actor Systems department of the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology. During my MSc, I studied chemical and bio-process engineering at the Delft University of Technology. My MSc thesis was on an Agent Based Model of genetic pollution from GMOs. Got deeply interested in complexity, sustainability and social issues relating to use of technology, industrial systems and infrastructures.

After a number of years of working as an environmental scientist at the Centre of Environmental Science (CML) in Leiden, I joined the Energy and Industry group at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at the TUD as a PhD candidate. In 2009 I got my PhD (pdf) with a thesis focusing on the design of a co-evolutionary method for constructing Agent Based Models of the evolution of Large Scale Socio-Technical systems. I stayed on in the Energy & Industry group, fist as an Assistant Professor, later as an Associate. I spent time as a senior visiting research associate at the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford.

Academically, I am a "supergeneralist" as some colleagues would put it. Im creative, multidisciplinary and out-of-the-box system thinker, and apply Complex Adaptive Systems theory, Cultural Evolution / Universal Darwinism to thinking about sustainability transitions in industrial and infrastructure systems.

Agent Based Modeling and multi-modeling approaches are the main ways I try to help decision makers with understanding and shaping the co-evolution of socio- technical systems across a wide range of domains. I focus on the impacts of new technologies, policies, institutions, culture, business models etc on the technical and social constituents of systems, always aiming at improving the sustainability of these systems.

I also spend a lot of time at the local hackerspace with my kids, and often visit and speak at hacker related events.

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