Pentagram pendant

For a friend I created this pendant / medallion, that is meant to held in the hand. Choice of symbol is significant to the person, so I went with it.

Made for a friend, size customized to their her palm exactly. Symbol is significant for them, and gives them emotional support when stressed. Made from waste mild steel, coated in beeswax.

The first cut from the salvaged stock.

Burn baby, burn...

Ready for the first strike.

Shape is slowly coming together. Aiming for a gentle flattened oval that feels nice and heavy in the hand

Ready with chiseling the symbol. Aaargh, the chisel moved slightly between two strikes, adding the extra groove at the top. Let's just call it a happy little accident that adds character.

After it has cooled. Feels right, even though it is meant for much smaller hands. Lines accentuated with a marker. Ready for final surface polish and wax coat.