Mental Health In Academia

What and Why

Science in general, and especially the academic "industry" can be very tough on your mind. After having advised many MSc and PhD students, talking to colleagues and going through some interesting experiences myself, I created a list of "things to keep in mind". I would normally use it during the startup phase of a MSc thesis. After seeing what COVID has done to my mental health and that of people around me, I decided to gather those thoughts into a somewhat coherent lecture. The result is below, a lecture give to the "Research Frontiers" course of the TPM graduate school at TU Delft. Hope this is useful to you as well. It sure did help me.

As an important disclaimer: While the content have been reviewed for basic sanity by psychologists, I am not one myself. Please ask for professional help if you recognize things I talk about, and do not use this material for self-diagnosis or whatever.

Video and slides



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